Divine Liturgy during Summer starts at 10 am

Vespers are at 6:30pm on Saturdays. Normal hours will resume Sunday September4th

September 3rd – No Vespers

September 11 Hram, Church feast day celebration.

• blessing if the children to go back to school. 
• lunch in the church hall 

Confessions by appointment. Please contact Father Michael at fatherlupu@shaw.ca

Tropar for the Nativity of the Theotokos:

Your Nativity, O Birthgiver of God, has proclaimed joy to all the universe. For the Son of Righteousness, Christ our God has risen from you. By abolishing the curse, He gave a blessing, By destroying death, He bestowed eternal life.

Troparul Nasterii Domnului

Nasterea Ta, de Dumnezeu Nascatoare Fecioara, bucurie a vestit la toata lumea; ca din Tine a rasarit Soarele dreptatii, Hristos Dumnezeul nostru si dezlegand blestemul, a dat binecuvantare si stricand moartea, ne-a daruit noua viata vesnica.

Archbishop Nathaniel and Fr. Michael LupuAt St. Mary's, we encourage participation in worship services through congregational singing. Please feel free to join your voice with ours in prayer.

The Divine Liturgy is a Eucharistic celebration. The tradition of the Church is that only Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves may receive Holy Communion.

If you are not of the Orthodox faith, you are invited to share in some of the blessed bread which will be distributed by the Priest after the service. We appreciate the need for children to also experience the Divine Services and are quite tolerant of the usual noise that accompanies their presence.






The mission of St. Mary's, is to commit one another and ourselves to Christ Our God. We accomplish this by serving the spiritual needs of Orthodox Christians, converts, those of interfaith marriages and the unchurched living in the Calgary area. Our liturgical services are a warm, intimate, and meaningful experience of the Orthodox faith celebrated in English and Romanian as a tribute to the founding ancestry of Saint Mary's. We also attempt to serve in the "language of the people", so if you have a preferred language for weddings, baptisms and memorial services please contact Father Michael in advance to prepare in time…all this and with congregational participation as well! Join us!

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  • Sunday School (religious education for all children)
  • Ladies’ Auxiliary(hosting many events through-out the year)
  • Church choir (singing the responses during Divine Liturgy and other Services)
  • Children’s Choir
  • Altar Servers
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