Dear parishioners,

As we celebrate the birth of Christ this Christmas, let joy be born in our hearts not just this Christmas day, but the whole year; not just the whole year, but our whole lives. Let us inspire this world, that can seem so lost in darkness, with the light of Christ in the light of our joy. If you are returning to Church from a long absence, or even a short one, let the joy of this celebration fill you! Let the light of Christ into your lives and into your hearts!

My thanks to all of you who have been faithful parishioners, for all you do even through the tough times. May God bless you this Christmas, may all darkness in your lives be removed by the light of Christ. May your hearts be filled with the Joy of Christ’s birth and may you be missionaries of that joy, Amen.

- Please find attached the Bulletin for December.
- We are only allowed a 1/3 of the parish in the church so signing up is critical in giving everyone a chance to participate at the Holy Liturgies. You can sign up through Marius Pascar and specify how many people from your family will attend. His contact information is left down below.
- Another important matter is that if you are unable to attend the Sunday service that you are signed up for, please let Marius Pascar know at least A DAY BEFORE to take your name off of the list. This will also be helpful in order to let other people have your spot if you cannot make it.

Marius Pascar Contact Information:
Email: marius.pascar@yahoo.com Phone: (403) 230-5533

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Father Lucian

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