Dear parishioners,

My message is of hope and strength. We do not face these challenges in our life and in the life of our community without the assurance that : "God is with us!"

My priority is to care well for the Saint Mary's family and the community during this period of increased anxiety and daily disruption. It is times like these where the Church also has the opportunity to show added measures of love, grace, and hospitality to one another both inside and outside the walls of our Holy Church and to shine the faithful light of hope in Jesus Christ to the world around us. Please continue your daily Bible readings, praying, reflecting and listening or singing hymns.

I also wanted to thank you all for your generosity in supporting our church during this time. May God reward your efforts!

To be responsible citizens who are contributing positively and responsibly in the calls for caution and safety to help reduce the spread and impact of this new virus for the protection and well-being of all is very important.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any further concerns or needs. I am available 24/7!

Please donate!